Feeling Nostalgic… And The Next Five Years

I’m feeling nostalgic today, my last day at MarkMonitor. My good friend Blake Hayward and I founded CollectiveTrust five years ago. MarkMonitor acquired “us” about three years ago. That chapter closes today.

Looking back, it’s easy to break down my career into five-year chunks. The first five years I spent in grad school, discovering programming, and getting started as a consultant. The next five years I focused on tabbed browsing and NetCaptor. The last five years have been spent on anti-phishing technologies (and more recently R&D stuff) at CollectiveTrust/MarkMonitor.

It’s hard not to wonder what’s in store for the next five years. They say you overestimate what you can accomplish in one year and underestimate what you can accomplish in five years. At least I know how the next five years will start. I’m taking a few days off this Easter week before starting Monday at AT&T Interactive/YellowPages.com on the Search and Data Services Team. I’m excited for a number of reasons… but mainly because it looks like I’ll be working with a very strong team made up of *really* smart and experienced people. Most of my work has been independent or as team leader so I’m looking forward to learning how much a strong team can accomplish.

What about the next five years for our family? Deo volente, our youngest, Claire (5), will be the age our oldest, Lauren (10) is now. Luke will be 13 and probably eating us out of house and home. Lauren will be 15 and I’ll be training as a ninja to scare away the boys. And Nancy and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. Wow!


7 thoughts on “Feeling Nostalgic… And The Next Five Years

  1. crazy stuff. 5 years from now. how has it been 5 years since you were telling me about this idea at Lacy Park at the ANS picnic one night?

    btw, you need to automate your upcoming races category.

  2. Crazy huh? Claire and Pearl were newborns at that point.

    Not only do I need to automate that category… I need to pick a new race goal.

  3. Adam,

    I’ve been using Netcaptor for ages and never drop you a line. I’d like to congratulate you for the superb job developing a so innovative browser. I still use it and see that some features I like aren’t available in today browsers (like Captorgroups). Thank you for bring so many innovations to the browser’s world!

    Best regards,


  4. Hi Adam sorry to heard that you have stop your project for netcaptor..
    It’s was my first browser i had used before after IE, I like it because had tab on it..
    Thanks for your effort..

  5. Thank you for your great work on NetCaptor. I found it about 9 years ago, it brought a boy so much joy when he fixes his eyes tightly on the screen of a borrowed PC, using home telephone and moderm to dial up at a small city, on the northeast border of China, Now there are so many choices of browsers, but I always remember NetCaptor. Today I searched it to find it’s dead, I’m a little sad. Goodluck and thank you again. It’s more than a browser for me.

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