Volunteer Pumpkin

I’m a composting geek. We compost all of our non-meat table scraps, coffee grounds, and some yard waste and then dig it into our garden soil each year as a natural fertilizer. It’s always fun to see what “volunteers” pop up from that compost. After Halloween we composted our jack-o-lanterns, and this year our favorite volunteer is a pumpkin vine, complete with one little pumpkin.

I wish coffee plants would volunteer. Hmmm.


2 thoughts on “Volunteer Pumpkin

  1. We too were blessed with an outrageous pumpkin patch close to our compost site. The creatures probably dragged a piece out under where a tree was last winter, and voila. Tomatoes are in there too. There are a few forming fast and furiously. At least the cicadas (17 year brood this year) were not interested.

    Milford, OH

  2. I too compost and love it. i have 3 butternut squash vines appear this year and let them grow, and have been giving out squash to family and friends all summer. I also got some tomatoes too. I just let them sprout and then replant them to the appropriate location. YAY COMPOSTING!

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