Triple Buttons with Firefox 3.0 Beta 5

Just upgraded to Firefox 3.0 beta 5… do you think I have enough back/forward buttons? Revert!


7 thoughts on “Triple Buttons with Firefox 3.0 Beta 5

  1. @BlaM – I was able to right-click-customize the toolbar and get rid of the extra two buttons by dragging and dropping them into oblivion. There is no option to add duplicate buttons using customize. Weird.

  2. I realize this isn’t quite the place to post this but I want to thank you (posthumously I guess) for NetCaptor. I still use it. It seems to work fine with IE7 and is still the best tabbed experience out there. Thanks for the hard work. The updates will be missed but life goes on.

    Thanks again…


  3. Sincere hoped that you open NetCaptor’s source code, lets the NetCaptor continue to develop. Extend one’s greetings.

  4. Hi Adam!

    I am trying Firefox for a month or so and enjoying it a lot. The only thing I wish they could offer is a complement as brilliant as the CaptorGroups were in Netcaptor. There is already one named Linkwad, which resembles to the CaptorGroups idea but unfortunately is not as powerful as yours.
    You should develope this complement to FF3. You owe that to the Netcaptor orphans like myself!!!!

    Wish you the best,

    Marcos Hayun

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