Find Similar Links on LinkRiver

I’ve been noodling on this feature for a while — how can I find “more links like this one” in LinkRiver. Putting on my machine learning hat, I contemplated link-to-link co-visitation schemes, semantic indexing, various clustering algorithms… but all approaches were too data-heavy, at least for now. There had to be an easier way…

LinkRiver has allowed full-text searching links (by river and stream) for a while now. The link title and host (i.e. are both a part of the index. Could the full-text search engine help out here? Let’s try it out.

One popular link today was a story on about the possibility of eBay selling Skype to Google. What if I send the link host and title to the search engine? Are the results relevant?

Try it yourself: Click to see similar links

In most cases this works really well…

Twobile-Twitter for Windows Mobile
FriendFeed Has Search

But sometimes, the results are not so great:

TechMeme Leaderboard: Six Months In

Options – one thing I may do, depending on feedback, is stop including the link host as a part of the search query. Play around (click similar, then re-run the search after removing the link host from the search box) and let me know what you think.