Favorite Firefox Extension – Tabs Open Relative

One feature I’ve missed since abandoning NetCaptor for Firefox a few years ago was the ability to open new tabs next to the current tab instead of at the end of my tab stack. I spent an hour white-boarding this with Firefox dev Ben Goodger, and I gave up trying to do this myself after finding the Firefox tab-ordering code to be a spaghetti-mess of independent arrays.

I don’t remember how I stumbled on Tabs Open Relative… but all is well in my tabbed browsing world again — as if some annoying background music is gone. Ahhhhh.

Why is this feature so important? Context. When you open new tabs, they tend to be related to the current tab. If I’m searching Google for digital camera reviews and open the top five links as separate tabs, those tabs should be close to the “starter” tab, not lost at the end.


10 thoughts on “Favorite Firefox Extension – Tabs Open Relative

  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to let you know that I have been a diehard user of Netcaptor for years. It’s still by far my favorite browser over FireFox and IE. I just migrated to Vista and still use Netcaptor although it has a couple of bugs. I will sorely miss NetCaptor when forced to use another browser.


    Roger E. Rhoades

  2. Hello Adam,

    i use Netcaptor since 10 years, an i have Netcaptor with XP for working. I don’t use Vista, because, Netcaptor don’t work under Vista.
    I wish a new Version from Netcaptor, that work under Vista.
    Netcaptor is the best Browser, Firefox is nice, but i miss many features from Netcaptor.
    Like “Security Menu”, Tabs at the bottom, and so on.

    I am a fan from Autria, Vienna.
    Nice regards

  3. Dear Adam,

    I am using Netcaptor for last 10 years and a great fan of it. Still I am using it in vista sp1 and XP sp3 with some small bugs. I tried a lot of other popular browsers including IE 8 Beta 2, but none of them are so convenient like netcaptor.

    I think, keeping in mind the desires of your fans you should take up the project again in live mode like return of Sherlock Homes. The popularity of Netcaptor is not finished though everybody has copied its Tabbed browsing feature, but after all they are COPIES. That’s why they do not have the imagination, innovativeness attached with it.

    We want Netcaptor should work smoothly all the times to come; new features are not essential (the amount of features already it is having is more than enough for any common user), only removal of bugs are enough for us.

    I hope you will consider these requests seriously and definite do something for us.



  4. Hi Adam,

    I used to test Netcaptor for you, I think I found a few bugs once and you hooked me up with a free key.
    Anyhow, Tab Mix Plus is what you want for FF, I always customise it to behave like Netcaptor to this day (the tab behaviour was fantastic in captor)

    Check it out, very very powerful, I can’t use FF without it.

  5. Tab Mix Plus, you should definitely check it out. It has this feature and lets you actually choose to open the tab in a variety of different positions, as well as a better session manager than Firefox’s default, and a ton of other great features.

  6. NetCaptor Forever !!!!

    I was very sad when he died NetCaptor, still have not found another browser so light, easy and efficient as him.

    I also would like NetCaptor did like the bird Phoenix, rise again from the ashes and over, rebuild a new empire.


    Rafael Andrade


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