Save Links for Later on LinkRiver

This happens to me all the time. I’m in super-productive mode and I run across an article or blog post that is interesting but entirely outside the context of what I’m doing. I need to stay on task – no tangents allowed.

I’ve tried a few things… a ‘To Read’ folder in my browser’s bookmarks or tagging links ‘toread’ on, but these methods were either too disruptive or difficult to manage.

I tried out InstaPaper the other day and loved it – one-click and a link is saved for later. It worked great, but it didn’t help me if I found something to ‘later’ when in Google Reader. Still too much friction.

Inspired by InstaPaper, I added a ‘Save for Later’ feature to LinkRiver.


Links you mark ‘Later’ show up under your ‘Later’ tab in LinkRiver. These links are private and not shared with your followers unless you choose that explicitly.


Three Ways to Save Links for Later

There are three ways to add links to your ‘Later’ stream.

First – there is a new one-click bookmarklet you can add to your browser toolbar. One-click — boom — you’ve saved the link for later without leaving the page you are on. Look for these in your sidebar after logging in to LR.

Later Link

Second – links inside LinkRiver now have a ‘later’ option in addition to the ‘share’ option that’s been there for a while. Again – one-click and its saved for later.

Third – this one is probably the most powerful of them all – you can import an external feed into your ‘Later’ stream.


I setup LinkRiver to import my Google Reader shared items into my main stream and my starred items into my Later stream. This works beautifully, especially when using Google Reader on my iPhone. Just click ‘share’ in GR to share on LinkRiver, or ‘star’ to save it for later. Sweet GTD goodness!


3 thoughts on “Save Links for Later on LinkRiver

  1. Adam,

    Great feature. How do we remove stuff from linkriver we dont want to share any more? i could not find a delete button.

    Mike F

  2. This is an awesome feature. Getting ready to add the bookmarklet because I have the same problem when I save for later in Firefox. I usually just never go back to it until I’m doing a Bmark cleanup. By that time, the link is usually no longer relevant. Here’s to hoping this can be a solution for me too.

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