LinkRiver Hits The Streets

I’ve been building a link-blog aggregator for a while now. Several bloggers wrote about the service yesterday and have done a better job of explaining it than I could. First Louis Gray:

The newest service to enter the picture is an intriguing entry, LinkRiver, which harnesses your RSS streams from multiple services, including Google Reader shared items, Twitter,, Yahoo! Bookmarks and others, and posts them to a single “Stream”. As your friends join the service, or you choose to subscribed to other LinkRiver users, these small streams become a “River” of shared links, hence the name.

More from Frederic of The Last PodCast:

LinkRiver takes its inspiration from services like Friendfeed, ReadBurner, as well as the metaphor of following from Twitter, and mixes it up into a cocktail that looks deceptively simple, but is utterly addictive. The interface is extremely clean and very fast.

More to come!


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