New Business Idea – Closest X Via Text Message

Stitches This one hit me even before Mark Cuban’s post (3 Business Ideas).

Stiles’ family vacations generally aren’t complete without at least one visit to an emergency room or urgent care facility. In the last couple of years we’ve needed them for ear infections, strep throat, bad bee stings, and the latest, six stitches over my right eye from a surfing accident.

I want to send a text message to a service that automatically knows where I am based on the GPS location of my cell phone. To find the closest ER, I would text “ER” to the service, and it would send back directions to the closest ER.

I’d also use it to find Peet’s, Starbucks, gas stations, etc. Wouldn’t that be slick?


Younger Siblings More Amusing

This study helps explain our youngest daughter Claire’s sense of humor. She’s the goofiest of our three kids, and she’s only two years old.

Professor Wiseman, who compiled the Ocean Village Laughter Lines report, said his findings tied in with other research about the effect of family position on personality.

“The youngest has to compete for parental attention, so they have to be a bit more unconventional.

“They are risk-takers, and also more humorous.