One Great Thing About FeedDemon 2

Unread Feed View
I didn’t install FeedDemon 2.0 beta 1 right away because the current version (1.6) worked so well for me. Why upgrade an app that does everything you need?

I installed the beta today and found one feature I absolutely love – Unread Feed View. A little button on the side bar makes it easy to toggle between Folder View (old style view which shows all your feeds as icons, even ones that don’t have unread items) and Unread Feed View, which only shows icons for feeds with unread items. I don’t think I’ll ever leave Unread Feed View. Before this beta, I had to hunt through a long (and growing longer) list of feed icons to find the ones that had changed. Now I get a short little list of only the feeds that have changed. You gotta love features you never knew you needed and later can’t imagine living without.

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4 thoughts on “One Great Thing About FeedDemon 2

  1. That’s actually one of my favorite features, too 🙂 I’m guessing you’re already doing this, but for speed reading I like to configure FeedDemon to automatically mark feeds as read, then just use the “Next unread feed” toolbutton to plow through my unread feeds. As soon as you click that toolbutton, the current feed is marked read and disappears from the list, and the next unread feed is selected.

  2. Hadn’t seen that button yet Nick… very cool. And even better that there’s a shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + J.

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