Aging Google Satellite Imagery Using Football Stadiums

Ever wonder how old Google Local’s satellite pictures are?

The new zoom levels that Google announced yesterday make it even easier to tell. One method is to look at local football stadiums and see how the fields are decorated.

Rose BowlI checked the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, site of this years BCS national championship, and found the field decorated for a USC-Michigan game. That game was probably the Rose Bowl played January 1, 2004, when USC beat Michigan 28-14 to claim a share of the national championship. So – these images are about two years old.

Orange BowlThe imagery of Dolphins Stadium, where the Orange Bowl is played, was fuzzier because the new zoom levels aren’t available for that location yet. However, It looks like Iowa versus USC, a game played January 2nd, 2003 (three years ago). USC won that one too – 38-17

I checked the other BCS bowls too… but the Georgia Dome is covered so I couldn’t see anything and the Fiesta Bowl wasn’t decorated at all.

Anyone else?

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Update: Fixed name of stadium where Orange Bowl is played.


3 thoughts on “Aging Google Satellite Imagery Using Football Stadiums

  1. Just thought id let you know that the second one isnt the orange bowl, its pro player stadium…

  2. Nice work! I’ve got friends who believe they can age Google maps photos for their area by spotting their own parked cars. Not sure I’m convinced though – I’m sure finding buildings under construction or your stadium technique must be more reliable.

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