2006 Health and Fitness Goals

Goal 1: Complete the Big Sur International Marathon on April 30, 2006 in Under 5 Hours

My main goal when I ran the Long Beach marathon in October 2005 was to complete my training program and finish the race injury-free. A minor goal was to break 5 hours for the race. I achieved the first goal but was well off my time goal which suprised me, given my times for 20 and 22 mile training runs. This year, I’m planning to run the Big Sur marathon with my brother and my dad and my goal is to break five hours.

Big Sur is a much tougher marathon than Long Beach (big hills!) so I’m making a bunch of changes to my training program to set myself up for success. For Long Beach I modified a low-mileage Jeff Galloway training program which consisted of two thirty-minute runs a week and one long race-pace run (between 6 and 22 miles). For Big Sur, I’m lengthening my shorter runs to 40-50 minutes and will keep a similar schedule for longer runs. The Galloway plan has three weeks between the longest runs but that felt too long to me so I’m shortening the interval to two weeks. I’m also planning on higher quality off-week long runs of 10-12 miles. For Long Beach, I substituted several of the off-week long runs for triathlon training bricks (bike/runs) and I think the skipped runs hurt me. Finally, I will be doing lots more hills in preparation for Hurricane Point.

Besides my training changes, another place I plan to pick up some time is by weighing less for the race. That brings me to my next goal.

Goal 2: Weight 205 or Less Pounds on April 30th and December 31st

I ran Long Beach while weighing about 220 pounds but I’m sure the race would have been easier without the extra pounds I’m carrying. Dropping 15 pounds (and keeping it off through the year) should make running easier on my body and make me faster too. I plan to lose the weight through better food choices and increased exercise. Achieving my third goal should should help me reach this one too.

Goal 3: Row 1,000,000 Meters in 2006

Nancy and I have been looking to add a low/no impact aerobic exercise to our routine that would be super-convenient and provide an upper body workout too. I’d love to swim again but that isn’t convenient enough for our busy life at this point. Rowing has turned out to be the perfect option so Nancy and I got ourselves a Concept2 rower for Christmas. I’ve been rowing three times a week for two weeks and am starting to love the rhythm. Indoor rowing is suprisingly addictive. There are even competitions if I’m every so inclined. You can’t beat the convenience either – just head out to the garage. I row about 6100 meters in 30 minutes at this point. To row a million meters in 2006, I need to row three times a week and average 6400 meters. I’m on track at this point 😉


2 thoughts on “2006 Health and Fitness Goals

  1. You can actually run for 5 hours?!?!?!?!

    I couldn’t even WALK for 5 hours!!!!!!!

    Adam, you’re the man!

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