Jack Bauer Codes in Delphi

Jack Bauer Codes in DelphiWhile watching the 24 season 4 on DVD tonight I noticed Jack Bauer coding in Delphi. Check out the screenshot I captured using PowerDVD on my laptop at about 6:54 PM, 24 time. Jack writes a couple of lines of code just before determining that an EMP is about to go off in the building.

Delphi developers… the next time someone asks why you use Delphi instead of something else, tell them “if its good enough for Jack Bauer, its good enough for me”.

Knowing that Bill Gates is a big fan of 24 (a New Yorker article?), I’m surprised that Microsoft’s marketing group didn’t pay a Visual Studio product placement.

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2 thoughts on “Jack Bauer Codes in Delphi

  1. Sorry, I’m a loser but:

    A) What’s is the meaning of that code? I don’t code Delphi, sorry, I’m a loser.
    B) What is the editor that Jack Bauer is using?

    Sorry again…

  2. He’s using the Delphi IDE with a very dark color scheme.

    Check out this link for a code listing: http://tinyurl.com/bv6f8

    It really doesn’t say much, perhaps a partial class definition. TVideoModes isn’t a built-in Delphi class, and I couldn’t find references to DDRObject anywhere. It doesn’t say much.


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