Starting My Personal MBA

I’m an entrepreneur with no formal business training. Over the years I’ve dabbled with the idea of getting an MBA, but I can’t justify the time and cost at this stage in my life. I’ve made up for my lack of training with lots of reading, so I was intrigued when Seth Godin started recommending actual experience combined with a dedicated reading of 30 or 40 books instead of an MBA.

Out of Seth’s post sprang the PersonalMBA program. PMBA is a list of 42 books and periodicals designed to help readers “master business without spending a fortune.”

So, I’ve decided to work my way through the list. I haven’t set a time limit (though I’m estimating about 18 months) because I want the flexibility to spend as much time as I need to on any given book. I also plan to get as many resources as possible through my local library system and I’m sure I’ll buy any books worth keeping.

I’ve already read a number of books on the list so I’ll come back to those later. For now, I’ll be starting with the books from the writing, accounting, finance and economics sections as they should be the most relevant to my current business and non-profit endeavors.

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3 thoughts on “Starting My Personal MBA

  1. Good luck!

    It will be great if you could write a little review about the book you are reading (or finished reading). Even better, if you can point to real life examples which validates points discussed in the book.


  2. JD – That’s the plan. I’ve finished a couple (I actually started about 2 weeks ago) and should blog at least one this weekend.

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