No More TV Shows

Here’s a great post at Creating Passionate Users on killing the television, keeping the shows. Kathy writes about being "off tv" for more than 5 years. Being "off tv" means not watching live TV shows, but still watching DVDs or Tivo’d stuff. She’s got some great stuff about addiction patterns and the effect of the watch-lots-of-live-tv lifestyle on your brain.

Nancy and I killed our satellite TV subscription a couple of months ago. We have a Blockbuster Online subscription (works like Netflix) so we can rent DVDs by mail and use coupons at our local store too. We haven’t tried to tune in local channels. I’m surprised at how easy the transition was. I thought I’d miss the weekly dramas/reality TV shows like Lost, Survivor, The Amazing Race, etc. The kids missed not having the Disney Channel, but only for a few days. But really, its been a very easy, and the monthly savings is nice too. Our evenings are freer – or will be after soccer season is over. The only time I’ve really missed TV is during a couple of recent UCLA football games. Tracking last minute, come-from-behind-victories via ESPN Gamecast just isn’t the same. I’ll definitely find a place to watch UCLA-USC this year.

Apply the try-before-you-buy algorithm to this. Turn off your tv for two weeks and see how it goes. You might be surprised.