When Will Gmail do RSS?

I’ve been using Gmail exclusively for personal email over the last few weeks. The transition was easy – just forward legacy accounts to Gmail and setup Gmail to send/reply using these addresses too. Fast, super-threaded email available from any connected computer. No more synching gigantic Outlook PST files between desktop and laptop.

I’m struck by the relevancy of the Adsense ads I see next to my email conversations – soccer ads, triathlon ads, programming ads…

It begs a question – why isn’t Google making money off of RSS feed content? They already use context-sensitive ads to monetize search, web and email content – so why not RSS feed reading? I’m not talking about embedding Adsense in feeds (written on that before) but about a Google-powered feed reader. Like Gmail it’ll be as fast and functional as a desktop app but accessible from anywhere.

Google’s leaving money on the table by not making it easy for me to read my feeds from Gmail, and Google doesn’t leave money on the table. That’s why this is a WHEN and not a WHY question.


2 thoughts on “When Will Gmail do RSS?

  1. Ross – yeah – I’ve followed up on that a couple of times. See RSS tag, and “No Scanning with Google Reader”.

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