Congrats to Hawaii for Winning the LLWS

Congratulations to the team from Hawaii for winning the Little League World Series yesterday. The tournament takes almost two months, starting out in early July with league all-star teams from around the world playing local, regional and national tournaments, culminating with the WS tournament that finished this weekend. There is something magical about the LLWS for me. I love the international flavor. I love the raw emotions, the joy and the tears. I love that these kids seem pretty normal, that most of them will never play professionally, but for this one summer they are the best in the world.

I played in the tournament twice but my teams got knocked out the first week after winning just one game. League policy prohibited us from throwing curveballs during league play. This protected our arms but also meant we didn’t hit the curve very well. We saw tons of curveballs during those games, and I’m sure the fans enjoyed some mighty wiffs and embarrassing, unnecessary batters box bailouts. But we had the time of our lives and loved every minute of it.


One thought on “Congrats to Hawaii for Winning the LLWS

  1. Did I ever tell you that my dad pitched in the LLWS? They made it to the semifinals, I believe. Lost to a team from CA. I think it was 1962 or so. Tragically, he missed his dad’s funeral in order to pitch his last game. I don’t think he regrets his choice, though.

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