Don't Start the Tour Without Me

Did you hear that barbaric yalp coming from Pasadena a few minutes ago? That wasn’t fireworks – that was me screeching out because I found out my Dish Network subscription doesn’t include the Outdoor Life Network, the only network that provides daily Tour de France coverage. Last year we watched most stages on cable (yeah Tivo!) but we switched to a basic satellite package this year for the lower cost. Turns out the basic package doesn’t include OLN. Doh! This will be six-time Tour winner Lance Armstrong’s last tour so its a must watch for me.

I called Dish to upgrade and they set me up within a couple of minutes. The technician chuckled when I told him I needed to get OLN. "We’ve been getting a lot of these (upgrades) over the last few days. What’s up?" I told him its all of us Tour fans making sure we’re ready for race start tomorrow.

The tour can start now – go Lance!


One thought on “Don't Start the Tour Without Me

  1. Armstrong is in realy good sheap. He will win for the 7th time, no doubt about it.
    I read in a newspaper, that Jan Urlich sad, Lance will win if he decide so. 🙂

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