Printing the Beta Ruby on Rails Book

Railsbook I was one of the over 1000 people who bought the beta version of the new Agile Web Development with Rails book by Dave Thomas and David Heinemeier Hansson. I bought the combo pack, which means I got PDF of the beta version now and I’ll get a print version when its ships in July.

I’ve been developing web apps for almost 10 years (WinCGI, Cold Fusion back in the DBML days, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, etc), and Rails is easily the most intriguing and exciting technology I’ve come across in a long time. The Rails framework takes away much of the repetitive drudgery you often run into in web app development. The learning curve doesn’t seem too (though I’m still in the Ruby-is-a weird-looking-language stage) and the Rails book should help in that area too.

I didn’t want to read a 500+ page book on the computer though, and also didn’t want to burn out my laser printer, so I used Kinkos Online Ordering system. Its slick – you upload the PDF to them and pick up your print copy a couple of hours later at your local store. I wish all my books could be spiral bound!


One thought on “Printing the Beta Ruby on Rails Book

  1. Curious, how much did it cost for the book to be printed?

    Isn’t it like 7 cents a page?…so that ends up being like $35.00 + binding?

    Probably could have bought yourself a few reams of paper and a new cartridge for that. 😉

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