3 Ways to Make Google Maps Better

I’m directionally challenged in a big way, so I print direction maps all the time. I’ve used MapQuest for years, but Google Maps is my new favorite – big maps, cool UI, good directions.

Google has got this almost perfect, but here are things that could make it even better:

1. Don’t load the full map on the home page

Maps loads a full map of the US whenever it loads. That’s nice when you are playing with Maps for the first time, and want to drill down visually, but its a pain to wait for it to load when all I want to do is type in an address and find it.

2. Fix the tab order from the search box


When I search for an address, my fingers want to type in the search box, hit TAB, then ENTER to fire the search (yes, I know I could just hit ENTER without the TAB). This works on the Google home page. But, in Maps, the focus shifts to the Help link, so ENTER launches the help page and I lose my typed search. I’ve opened the help page way too many times.

3. Remember My Starting/Ending Addresses

Gm_directions_1 When I print directions, I’m almost always printing them from home to some location. Maps doesn’t remember what I’ve typed before… so I have to type my address over and over again. Maps let me choose from a short list of recently typed addresses.

Any one else have suggestions for Google Maps?







2 thoughts on “3 Ways to Make Google Maps Better

  1. I sent feedback about the tab order issue the first day I tried Google Maps. I’m a tab > enter type, too and that just bugged the heck out of me.

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