Switching to Google Desktop/GDPlus

Copernic didn’t last long. Thanks to Joel Ross I found GDPlus, a hacked version of Google Desktop which allows you to add additional file extensions for Google Desktop to index. Its works great, so now I can search my whole box for PHP, Python, Delphi, C#, C++ and other source code files. I’m not a big fan of installing hacked programs, but this will work for now. Google Desktop seems faster than Copernic Desktop Search, and I like being able to search from a browser… I always have a browser open, and now Google Desktop is just an easy QuickSearch away in NetCaptor.


3 thoughts on “Switching to Google Desktop/GDPlus

  1. Wow, this was a great find. I added it to QuickSearch and now I don’t even have to click my ‘Start Page’ link to bring up a Google Desktop search. Thanks!

  2. I’m not surprised that Copernic didn’t last long for you;
    developer machines are tough for DS apps to handle. Copernic ran into trouble on my machine in a directory tree that had 250K+ html files I was working on at the time – it pegged the CPU and never finished its crawl. And trying to index source code! Word breaks are different, word frequencies are all over the map, and again you can easily have tens or hundreds of thousands of files!
    I’ve had the most luck with Google, although it can take a long time to crawl your whole disk. I’ll try the hack you mention.

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