MTBF of a Starbucks Cup

I like coffee, alot. If Peet’s was closer, it would be my favorite. But there are three Starbucks that are closer than our Peets, so SB it is. Its not just the coffee – its the memories, the experiences, the associations, even the cup. Any coffee tastes better to me when its served in a paper Starbucks cup. We make coffee at home most days, so to maximize the positive coffee effects produced by my behavioral conditioning, I save and re-use my Starbucks cups for the coffee we brew. Can you guess how many uses on SB cup is good for before it leaks?

3. You can get 3 good uses out of a venti Starbucks cup (including the original serving). After that, the cups tend to start to leak from the side seam near the bottom of the cup. I don’t think I’ve ever had a successful fourth use. The paper holds up fine, but the coffee seems to seep more and more into the seam with each successive use. I could get longer use if Starbucks used better glue.

PS – Google Labs could probably add a question to their employment screenings asking prospects to map my location based on the fact that there are 3 Starbucks closer than the closest Pete’s. Nah – too easy.